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that sent a young child to the hospital. crews airlifted the child from the scene of the crash in oakley. several cars with involved. this accident happened this afternoon on westbound 4, west of laurel road. authorities believe the child was thrown from the car on impact. a woman in the same car was also hurt. no word on their conditions at the time. traffic on highway 4 remains slow at this hour. well, the rain is one thing, but its saturation and the flooding that is very dangerous for everyone around the bay area. let's bring in now nbc bay area's marianne favro who joins us from san jose with a look at the impact. marianne? >> reporter: well, raj, i'm here on holman avenue in san jose where earlier today motorists were forced to drive through several inches of water. you can see that the flooded sign is still up behind me, and the city is not going to take it down any time soon because the storm is not over yet. the storm certainly made a splash in the south bay,
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flooding this section of coleman avenue in san jose. and rain pummelled the roadways, stranding this motorist on highway 87, pooling water and slick surfaces prompted many to have a cautious commute. >> you can crash in a second. your brakes are not going to work with water. so i think it's pretty crazy driving like this. so i prefer to stay home. >> reporter: parking lots became ponds. here on alpine road at highway 280 near palo alto, a sloping power pole caused high voltage lines to sag, forcing the road to close. throughout the south bay, pg&e says more than 200 customers lost power. the heavy rains and winds transformed the landscaping in the front yard of this los altos home when a large ash tree came crash do you think. but for some, the storm offered a chance to enjoy solitude in a bike path on los gatos, and take photos of birds nudged out of hiding, hike this great blue
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heron, a welcome break from the storm preps ahead. >> so we're doing a double-check of the generator and making sure that we have extra water supplies in the house, ironically, and so on. >> navigating the wild wonders, or worries the storm brings. and we do want to let you know that the tree lighting ceremony that was scheduled for tonight in downtown los gatos has been postponed because of the storm. it will now be held on december 7th. but the holiday parade, which is scheduled for 11:00 a.m. in downtown los gatos tomorrow is still on, rain or shine. in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. in san francisco, not exactly the wake-up call you want. a tree fell on to a woman's mercedes this morning. the large old acacia tree fell down overnight near pine and buchanan streets in san francisco. that's in the lower pac heights neighborhood. the tree landed right on top of her car. >> at 9:00 this morning, the police knocked on the door and said that my car had been in an
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accident with a tree. and so they drove me down here, and there is a large tree that fell on it. >> the tree was blocked -- the street was blocked for a short time as crews work to remove the tree. this break in the rain couldn't come at a better time during the friday rush hour. take a look. right now a live look on our highway 101 palo alto traffic camera. it's a busy night on the peninsula stanford football, but traffic seems to be moving very smoothly on both sides, north and south. it's the pac-12 championship game right at stanford stadium. kickoff was just a few minutes ago. stanford hosting ucla. our nbc chopper above the field there. it's going to be soggy. stanford kept the field covered with the tarp. and just before gametime you see the crews armed with big brooms like you see on a golf course, were sweeping the standing water off of the sidelines. stanford taking on ucla. the winner goes to the rose bowl. well, the bulk of the rain is dow jones in the north bay.
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we mentioned our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri mentioned parts of sonoma county getting more than 8 inches of rain. let's brit in nbc bay area's cheryl hurd who joins us from the marin headlands. cheryl? >> reporter: we're live here in the marin headlands the commute on the golden gate looks fine. the stormy weather caused a lot of problems for a lot of people here in the north bay. the effects from this storm started early this morning. the lights went out on the bay bridge around 5:30. that power outage caused the metering lights to go down for two hours. putting the bridge and commuters into darkness, making the commute messy, slow, and dangerous. the north bay got the brunt of this storm. heavy rain toppled trees on to roadways and turned roads into small rivers. this is what it looked like on highway 1 near rohnert park. cars had nowhere to go but into flooding water. people in marin county are used
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to heavy rain and wind when it comes. >> last night trees were banging up against the wall. i mean the outside of the house and light flashing. so, you know, we're just getting more batteries. >> reporter: steve sargent is making sure he had more battleries in case the lights go out tonight. that's something chris selmo said he could have done without. >> we sit on a block with an elementary school. and they told us once they understood that we were without power and said it wasn't a priority because there wasn't a lot of people affected. they had to cancel the entire school today. so you imagine how many families are displaced, people that have to work and stay at home with their kids. >> reporter: chris mcgovern says he almost had to stay at home from work because of the outages here. but he found a way to deal with it. >> we scrambled to all star rents and got two generators from them so we could do our job today. and everybody can continue working and try to get our
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client back into the house for christmas. >> reporter: people i talked to say they are just bracing for the next storm. reporting live in the marin headlands, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, cheryl. the dramatic weather made for a rough day at san francisco's ocean beach. the waves were big and choppy. not the kind preferred by surfers. meantime, portions of the great highway were shut down because of blowing sand and flooding. it was a busy day pour the tree trimmers from the parks department. this large tree fell on a pair of cars near the great highway and noriega. fortunately, neither car was severely damaged. right now on, you can see some of the best images captures by our viewers. we've seen it all from trees into homes, flooded streets to some monster waves. you can also send us your weather pics by e-mails them to us at a deadly home invasion in one of the south bay's most
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exclusive neighborhoods. a man killed, his wife tied up and their multimillion-dollar mansion robbed. police in monte sereno say it happened in the middle of the night in an estate located in the deeply wooded area near the intersection of highway 17 and highway 9. the sprawling gated property sits on a quarter acre in a neighborhood of upscale homes. let's bring in nbc bay area's damian trujillo who joins us outside of the home with more details. damian? >> reporter: there has been a standing guard here at the front gates of this home. this is quite a fortress up here in the los gatos hills. one officer told me it seems kind of strange that a burglar would target this home. other than that, officers are not saying much about what happened here. while search and rescue volunteers look for evidence around the perimeter of the home, officers scoured the ground of this monte sereno compound. it was the wife of the murder victim who dialed 911 early this morning. >> that woman reported that someone had broken into her
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house, had ransacked it, and that she was injured and needed help. >> reporter: police say the couple lived in the large home by themselves, and pretty much kept to themselves. >> i've been here 28 years. this is the only couple i don't know. and we're very surprised, shocked, and taken back by this. >> i haven't met them. only car i see here. >> reporter: the coroner took away the body just before 1:00 this afternoon. police are not saying how he died or if the suspects actually took anything. and investigators also don't know if there was more than one killer. >> whether their intention was to go in there and do harm to the victims or simply due to a robbery, the fact is these are very dangerous individuals, or very dangerous individual. and, you know, they need to be brought to justice. >> sergeant kerry harris says it must be at least three decades since the last murder in this community. >> this is very shocking. i mean no ever would have suspected this. >> reporter: the coroner has not
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identified the victim at this point. i did speak with the police chief a short while ago. he tells me that there was at least one suspect, but perhaps three or four, and that they were inside this home for at least one-half hour. live in the hills of los gatos, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> such a tragic situation. still ahead, a bay area teacher of the year falls from grace. you may want to pay close attention to your money during this holiday season. the surprising new findings on how charities spend those donation dollars. and good afternoon. i'm jeff ranieri in the nbc bay area weather center. we're tracking the storm tonight. top wind gusts from 40 to 63 miles per hour. in middle valley. and while our storm right is pushing to the south, we do have the weekend system developing. we'll have the timeline on that in just a few minutes. right now a live look at oakland with dark skies and lingering showers. we have it all for you in just a few minutes.
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an autistic 16-year-old girl who went missing for two days after leaving an oakland youth center has been found. police say she had been beaten. a concerned bus driver in san francisco called police last night after he saw cheyenne white alone on the bus. police say they will interview her once she is physically able. the teenager is described as having a mental capacity of a 7-year-old. a $5,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to the arrests of the suspects. the u.s. supreme court made no decision today on whether to take up the proposition 8 debate. the justices could make the announcement on monday, or possibly later next week. prop 8, which bans guy marriage has been making its way up the court system. california voters passed a law in 2008, but two years later a judge in san francisco ruled the law is unconstitutional. if the supreme court decides to hear the case, the justices would hear the case in march or april with a decision expected
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in june. the house of representatives voted today to allow foreign students getting advanced degrees in science and math from american schools to get green cards. it's a move that got a lot of backing from the tech industry, especially in the silicon valley. and at least in the house, fairly bipartisan support. but it is controversial, even among democrats, because the new plan would eliminate an earlier plan that gave green cards to other groups, including immigrants from africa. well, in the east bay, a former teacher of the year has been sentenced to almost five years in prison for possessing child pornography. 28-year-old alex bersch was ordered to spend five years behind bars and fined $2,000. he was a popular teacher at los madonos school and a coach for a swim team. police found pornographic videos and images of children on his home computer. a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest for a suspect who shot at a milpitas police officer. investigators say they pulled
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over a man tuesday morning. the man inside opened fire but missed the officer but hit his car. he got away in his car. police later found it abandoned. the officer is on routine paid administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation. a new report reveals about half the money raised for commercial fundraisers for charities goes to overhead. commercial fundraisers raised more than $338 million last year. but only $173 million went to charities such as amnesty international, habitat for humanity and the humane society. the remaining 49% was retained for fees and expenses. the attorney general said while it's important to donate to charities, it's also important to know exactly where your money is going. well, they grew mustaches for charity. >> and today they mercifully shaved them off. men all over the world grew a 'stache as what is part of movember, a way to raise money to fight prostate and testicular
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cancer. we visited where more than a dozen men grew a little extra hair for a good cause. >> i love growing a mustache. not a lot of people looking at me necessarily love it. but i'm a big fan of it. >> we didn't recognize some of our colleagues once they had mustaches. we were what 457ed to our business development vp? >> it wasn't always easy. just ask the women in their lives. but survey monkey did raise $4,000. >> so movember. >> that is so funny. at least you have your comrades do it with you. you're not like the only person. >> jeff ranieri, how would we look? >> oh, the mustache. i think i would have to go for the goatee. the mustache, probably not so good on me. it may work on you. all right. we'll have to get it back, going some time soon. the storm we've been talking about today that hit us really hard this morning. that is now pushing off to the south. that's the good news. we're under a little bit of a break here with some spotty showers, winds 15 to 25 miles per hour.
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but we're going to be tracking another stronger storm coming our way for this weekend. some of the top rainfall totals in the south bay unreal. just in the past 24 hours alone, mt. umunhum picking up 7.24, even at 3,486 feet. that is very impressive. also across the south bay, south san jose picking up 2.66. and saratoga had 3.54. that is just a small sampling of some of these rainfall totals today. right now a few spotty showers here across the south bay in the peninsula. but nothing major in terms of rainfall. but it really is this after storm on the roadways there is so much water that has been ponding up. and we're driving at 50 to 60 miles per hour tonight on some of these interstates. they'll need to take the speed down because the windshield wipelers still need to be going without water getting kicked up on the roads. current numbers in the 50s. we'll take you live outside to the hd sky camera network on this stormy friday. you'll see traffic moving right here. but the cloud cover is lingering
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as once again we'll have some showers staying into at least the first part of your weekend. san rafael, the traffic is going quite a bit slower, and also some very slick roadways tonight. please, please just advise some extra caution. all right. let's get you back into the weather boards. what we have happening is a very, very weak wave of energy as we head throughout saturday. for us, it's going to mainly push off to the north that will keep showers lingering into the forecast and some slick roads. we're going to hold off on that fourth and final round of strong weather until early sunday morning. once that arrives, we're going to be very concerned about the potential here of some river flooding as we head all the way through sunday, even into monday morning. so for tonight we ehad the lingering showers. nothing huge expected to come our way, but some very dangerous roads. that will stay with us through tomorrow morning. again, not expecting heavy downpours. even by saturday evening, we'll get some moderate showers in here. but we're going to hold off on that heaviest round of rain coming our way until we get into sunday morning. look at this. another widespread area of rain expected from the north bay all
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the way down to san jose, morgan hill, and gilroy. it's going to rival what we had this morning. for some who did have the water rising up pretty quickly, expect similar conditions. you can see as we head throughout the next system, totals will be a little bit less. but we could get from 1 to 3 inches here for a lot of the lower elevations, keeping that coastal flood watch in effect. river level concerns. i'm going to highlight three of them. these are the top three when it comes to the bay area. the resolution river at guerneville could reach flood stages as we head into late sunday and also into monday. if you live in guerneville, you are probably well aware of this. but if you're just coming back from out of town and you're tuning in, keep a close eye on that russian river. otherwise in san anselmo, a current level of 4.2 feet. it's gone up today with the latest storm. critical level is 10 feet. we definitely could see this rise quite a bit more as we see this head into sunday's storm. and the third concern is one that has popped up quickly. about and that's the guadalupe
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river in san jose. right now at 11.21 feet. forecast to crest at 8 to 10 feet on monday. and flood stage is 17 feet. we're not expected to get to flood stage, but it is something a lot of news san jose near the guadalupe river will also need to monitor. temperatures on your weekend low to mid-60s out here. we'll even get a few breaks of sunshine. a little bit of a treat here for mother nature in between all this snoyrm weather. as you look at your seven-day forecast, here we go. that wet weather, that next storm coming in as we head throughout sunday's forecast. a little sound effects there. for monday we have some sun and clouds. and then by tuesday and wednesday we are expecting a few more showers, but not any major rainfall. >> nice break we're having right now. >> yes. >> so good for that game tonight, as you mentioned too. best case scenario, at least while it's going on. >> thanks, jeff. >> sure. still ahead, what is the real cost of happiness? how much money people need to feel fulfilled. >> and he may be the least powerful member of the first
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family, but he has some real star power. the obama family dog has his own holiday greeting.
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an 18-month long battle between a recycling center and the city of san francisco is finally over. the haight ashbury recycling center finally got its final eviction notice yesterday. the center has been there for 40 years. the city wants to replace wit a community garden. we know money doesn't guarantee happiness, but apparently having a six-figure income helps. a new study that looked at 13 countries shows that the average income that makes people happy is $161,000. but that varies by country. dubai residents needed the most, saying they needed more than $276,000 to feel happy. singapore came in second with $2227,000. at the bottom were the french who needed $114,000.
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actually, germans were even lower at about $58,000. the u.s. was not measured in this study. we talked about stanford earlier, and now san jose state football. some great news for the spartans. they have been invited to play in the military bowl next month in washington, d.c. they're currently the 26th ranked team in the country. the bowl game caps off the team's best season in the 110-plus year history of san jose state football. how about that? it's the team's first bowl appearance since 2006. their opponent has yet to be determined. the game is december 27th at rfk stadium in washington. congratulations to the spartans. >> yes. next, the president and his best friend like you have never seen them before. also, a final check of the forecast as we head into the weekend. stay with us.
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♪ that's bo, the first dog. he is trying to get into the holiday spirit by scoping out the decorations at a new white house video. he minds his manners as he goes from room to room, checking out the christmas trees and the elaborate decorations. look, he even encounters some christmas magic as he eyes the santa hat on a giant likeness of himself. the video ends with bo getting his hat and wishing joy to everyone. cute. oh my goodness. that's adorable. >> i'm in the white house. >> a lucky dog. >> we're going to head into this weekend. we have a lot of concerns actually with a lot of flooding. >> that's right. we're going to have to watch out with another storm coming our way sunday. a flash flood watch, and the entire coastline until monday morning. as far as saturday goes, not expecting major heavy rain, periods of on and off showers.
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temperatures in the mid-60s. that next strong storm arrives by sunday morning. you heard a noise during our last seven-day forecast. everyone is okay in our studio. it was a digital sound. >> okay. glass breaking. >> what happened? >> were they getting in a fight over there? thanks a lot. stay dry. >> hope to see you at 6:00 tonight. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. [ female announcer ] go from zero to pizza in just 60 seconds with totino's pizza rolls and grab a bite of snack-defying, satisfying... because pizza...never...misses. it's on. let's roll. getting closer to that so-called fiscal cliff. and today, the president took his case on the road, calling for higher taxes on the wealthy. but will that break this deadlock? and meet the new powerball rich, suddenly rich, still stunned over it. and tonight, the surveillance video that shows the moment a winner realized he was suddenly

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